Wang Yangming and Ming Thought

Letters to Zheng Bangrui with anonymous Portrait of Wang Shouren

Wang Yangming and Ming Thought

Princeton, March 18-20, 2022 

This conference brings together researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds to share their work on Wang Yangming and Ming thought.


In-Person Participants

Suhyun Ahn (Princeton), Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple), Ernest Brewster (Iona), Qian Cao (Columbia), Dandan Chen (SUNY), Jeng-guo Chen (Academia Sinica), Hsiang-yun Chen (Academia Sinica), YuNing Chen (Washington University of St. Louis), Ian Cho (Yale), Dobin Choi (Iowa), Hao Dong (Princeton), Warren G. Frisina (Hofstra), Paul Goldin (University of Pennsylvania), Bixin Guo (Pittsburgh), Yingtian He (Princeton), Chiayu Hsu (Chicago), George L. Israel (Middle Georgia State), Jiang Dongxian (Stanford), Hong Jiang (Independent), Tao Jiang (Rutgers), Yutang Jin (Princeton), Pauline Lee (St Louis University), Sukhee Lee (Rutgers), Li Mingyuan (Illinois), Cancan Liao (Wuhan/Harvard), Adrian Liu (Stanford/Rutgers), Stephen Macedo (Princeton), Theresa McNichol (Ren Associates), On-Cho Ng (Penn State), Hyunjung Park (Academy of Korean Studies), Willard Peterson (Princeton), Hagop Sarkissian (CUNY, Baruch College and Graduate Center), Isaiah Schraeder (Harvard), Anna Shields (Princeton), Lily Simmons (Penn), Bin Song (Washington College), Jean Tsui (CUNY, College of Staten Island), Bryan W. Van Norden (Vassar), Liu Xu (Yale), Hwa Yeong Wang (Georgetown), Kathleen Wright (Haverford), Zuo Ya (UCSB), Yang Xiaomei (Southern Connecticut State), Huiqiao Yao (Arizona), Claudia Yau (University of Houston), Dewen Zhang (Randolph-Macon College), Joanna Zhang (Princeton), and Wenxu Zhang (Chicago).


Day 1

Friday, Mar 18

Venue for Talks: McCosh 50

3–5PM | Talk 1 Lin Yueh-hui,  "耿寧對陽明後學的詮釋與評價" ("Iso Kern's Interpretation and Evaluation of Wang Yangming's Successors") (Talk in Chinese) Link to paper.

5–7:30PM | Dinner (Prospect House)

7:30–9PM | Talk 2 Wu Zhen, "作为良知伦理学的“知行合一”论" ("The Unity of Knowledge and Action as an Ethics of liangzhi") (Talk in Chinese, by Zoom) Link to paper.

Day 2

Saturday, Mar 19

Venue: 399 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 

9:30–10A | Coffee

10–11:15A | Talk 3 Justin Tiwald, "On Wang Yangming’s Claim that “Establishing Sincerity” (Licheng 立誠) Can Help Us Fully Grasp Everything that Matters Ethically" Chair: Larry Israel (Middle Georgia State)

11:15A–12:30P | Talk 4 Rivi Handler-Spitz, "Absent Teacher Present Reader: Narrative, Dialogue, and Fragment in Zuolin jitan" Chair: Anna Shields (Princeton)

12:30–1:30P | Lunch

1:30–2:45P | Talk 5 JeeLoo Liu, "The Metaphysical and the Ethical: A Pragmatist Reading of Wang Yangming’s “Xin ji Li (心即理) ” Chair: Hagop Sarkissian (CUNY, Baruch College and Graduate Center)

2:45–3:05P | Break

3:05–4:20P | Talk 6 Harvey Lederman, "The Introspective Model of Genuine Knowledge and the Unity of Knowledge and ActionChair: Paul Goldin (University of Pennsylvania)

4:20–5:20P | Long Break (optional walk around campus)

5:20–6:35P | Talk 7 Peter Bol "A New Contradiction: Yangming Learning Arrives in Jinhua" Chair: Willard Peterson (Princeton)

6:35–7:15P | Drinks (Chancellor Green Rotunda)

7:15–9P | Dinner (Chancellor Green Rotunda)

Day 3

Sunday, Mar 20

Venue: 399 Julis Romo Rabinowitz 

9:30–10A | Coffee

10–11:15A | Talk 8 Leigh Jenco, "Doing Things with Words: The Philosophical Consequences of Late Ming Interest in Non-Elite Literature" Chair: Stephen Macedo (Princeton) Texts translated in the talk.

11:15A–12:30P | Talk 9 Peng Guoxiang, "Political Orientations and the Dilemma of the School of Wang Yangming" Chair: Bryan van Norden (Vassar)

12:30–1:30P | Lunch

1:30–2:45P | Talk 10 Jennifer Eichman, "Reclaiming Nonduality for the Confucians: Wang Ji and his Buddhist Interlocutors" Chair: Tao Jiang (Rutgers)

2:45-3:00P | Break

3:00-4:15P | Talk 11 Stephen Angle, "A Halfhearted Defense of the Perceptual Model" Chair: Cancan Liao (Wuhan / Harvard)

4:15-4:45P | Break

4:45–6P | Talk 12 P. J. Ivanhoe, "Reflections on the Introspective Model" Chair: Pauline Lee (Saint Louis)

6P | Dinner (Julis Romo Rabinowitz / Simpson Atrium)



For more information, email Harvey Lederman.


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Credit: Banner image and calligraphy taken from Wang Shouren 王守仁, 1472 – 1529, Letters to Zheng Bangrui with anonymous Portrait of Wang Shouren, ca. 1523–25, Handscroll; ink on paper, Princeton University Art Museum. Gift of Mrs. Edward L. Elliott, y1979-95.